Search Engine Optimization – How to Write an Article for Your Business

It is generally believed that the ability to write articles is necessary for building up your own web business. You can certainly order the writing of various articles: PR, informational, SEO and so on. But if we talk about building a business from the very beginning (including the zero-budget), it is important not to slow down, but just to be able to write by yourself.

For some people this task would be very simple, for some – too difficult. But still, if you want to succeed in the internet-business, and just be present at this activity, you need to learn about the Search Engine Optimization and the search optimized articles. It develops your knowledge and skills, brings new customers and partners to your business and finally, brings money.

I will not advise you to start from the articles with a clear advertisement purpose. People nowadays are so tired of advertisement that they do not pay attention to it anymore. Besides, you should not forget, that this business is the business of recommendations. And recommendation differs a lot from the traditional advertisement, that we face each day in quite a big amount. That is why, the articles that we are going to write need to have a certain character of information value and pieces of advice or recommendations. It means that it should simply be a useful interesting article for the reader, where in the context you recommend something (for example – your business). It is not right to write that your company/ business/ service are «cool» and to ask the visitors to join you – this is not the solution. Such an article would not work.

Notice: while writing the articles you need to concentrate not over the amount of money and the number of customers it could bring, but over the fact of how interesting will this article be for the reader. The main criteria – the usefulness of the information.

To begin with, let’s clarify the topic of our article. The business is so many-sided that you have a real freedom for the imagination. You can afford quite a lot. You can write really a lot. For example:

- the peculiarities of the business marketing;

- the advantages of carrying on the business online and from home;

- human interrelations on the basis manager-customer;

- human interrelations on the basis manager-manager;

- the advantages and disadvantages of on-line education;

- working in a team and the abilities of the discussion group;

- the tools of the web marketing;

- the differences between the web marketing business and direct online business;

- investment concerning web business;

- the sale basis of the business;

- the main criteria for the online products;

- passive income;

- advertisement technologies and many other.

Thus, to determine the subject area of your article. You should not try to cover a lot, better to focus on a narrow topic and completely work it out.

Next comes the creation of the structure of the article. It should be a consistent and logical plan, which reveals the entire subject. There you need to identify those basics, using which you will write an article.

After that, you have to work on the disclosure of each topic of the plan and writing the introduction to the topic. The more fully you expand each topic; the better will be your story.

Having written all this, read, identifies the errors and corrects them and clear all the doubtful moments.

If everything is done correctly – the article is ready for the publication. The next step is the publication of your article on the Internet for the wide audience.

6 Ways to Save Your OWN Money to Fund Your Business

Make saving money a priority! Particularly if you have to provide the initial line of financing for your business.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “I can do anything if I put my mind to it!” Well saving money is no different. Regardless of your income, you can save money and get that business started, but it takes discipline! You have to make a firm decision to save and stick to it! Tried and true money advice to save money!

1. Set up budgets.

  • It’s very important that you have a personal budget and also a projected business budget.
    • (Projected simply means an estimate of what you realistically expect to obtain)
  • Gather both your personal and business monthly bills, pay stubs, account statements and receipts from the last 3-4 months.
    • Separate into a “Business” stack and a “Personal” stack.
  • Also, note the due dates for these expenses. Avoid paying bills late at all costs! Late fees and interest charges amounts to money that you use to pay down debt and contribute to your business venture.
  • Using the gathered documents, develop categories for the items you spend money on. Some examples are: Restaurants, Website Costs, Banking Fees, Grocery, Health Expenses, Insurance, Entertainment, Grooming, Clothing, Gifts, Utilities, Rent, Employees, Production Costs, etc.
  • Google “budget templates” for sample budgets or check out the templates in Microsoft Word. However, if you use a template, please remember to customize it to your specific bills and needs.
  • Now, this is where you part ways:
  • Use the “Business” pile and any estimates you have (if your business does not yet have any expenses) to create an itemized list of expenses. At this stage, do not consider the income that your business may generate.
    • Calculate the total expenses (Take into consideration the expenses that will require an up-front cost and won’t necessarily generate a monthly expense (ie. the cost to register your business) and include those as “One Time Fee- xyz” line items). Multiply the total expense number by 3, if you are currently employed and plan to stay employed while starting your business. If not, multiply this number by 6. This number represents that total amount you should have in order to comfortably finance your business.
  • Use the “Personal” pile to create your personal budget. (You will consider your present income for this budget). After calculating your expenses and income, subtract the total expense number from your income number. This number will represent the amount of extra income you have to devote to your business. Include a line item in your Personal budget for “Business” and include this number there. If you calculate a negative number, see the last tip!

2. Pay yourself first.

  • Make sure that your personal budget has a line item for “Saving” and your business budget has a “Salary” line item. These are requirements, NOT options. Pay yourself like you pay a monthly bill, even if you have to set up an automatic withdrawal. It’s very important that you are still able to financially manage your personal necessities.

3. Give some away.

  • I am a firm believer in paying tithes, which is 10% of all of your earned income. Any financial book you read will advise you that a sure-fire way to receive and keep money is through charitable giving. Whether to a religious institution, your favorite non-profit organization, or to somebody you know in need, it should always be a part of your budget.

4. Open a SEPARATE checking/savings account.

  • Seems like a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised at how many people attempt to juggle business expenses in the same account as their personal account. Although your business must be registered and have a tax id number (EIN) before you can open a business account, I highly recommend saving for your business in a separate account.
  • Make sure neither account charges membership or annual fees.
  • Look for high-earning interest rates on savings accounts.
  • If you have an issue with overdrawn accounts, make the investment into Overdraft protection for your accounts.

5. Kill debt!

  • Saving by its very nature is to have a surplus or an excess. Until you level your current debt to $0, it will be very hard to actually save money, however it IS very possible to set money aside while tackling your debt at the same time. You want to start your business as financially free as possible!
  • Get rid of credit card debt! The interest rates alone have the ability to keep you in financial bondage forever.

6. Shave, shave, shave!

  • Take a look at your Personal budget and shave it down so that you can increase the amount of money you save and put towards your business.
  • Look to save the following ways:
    • Prepare food at home or eat at home before heading to social events.
    • Commit to never go grocery shopping while you’re hungry.
    • Try out generic brands.
    • Change your cell phone, cable, internet plans to match your current need. Look into pre-paid options and utilizing free wi-fi at public libraries and other local venues.
    • STOP using credit cards! If you do not have the cash for a purchase, strongly consider whether you really need it.
    • Take a car pool to work or consider public transportation options.

Global Team Business, an In Depth Look

Now that Global Team Business has officially launched, I will delve deeper into the advantages, benefits and just the plain nuts and bolts of this unique one of a kind opportunity. I am happy to say with much honesty and certainty, that there is but one “starting Line”, regardless of your socio-economic background. I use the words “starting line” not to depict the start of a race, but instead to equate it to a common beginning of a new, fruitful, successful and exciting journey. The journey will be to a place that our hearts have always hoped for and desired. This is an opportunity for all of us to change not only the pattern of our lives, but it is our opportunity to reach for the brass ring and be able to grab it and hold on to it for a lifetime.

In my previous articles, I touched on some of the advantages of Global Team Business. Let’s now take that information to the next level. “SCAM”… that’s the first word that comes to mind when people are asked to describe either their opinion of internet marketing or conversely, describe their personal experience(s) with multi-level marketing (MLM). How many people reading this article can relate to that? Before I go any further, I would like to share with you my own experiences and thoughts. After six years of frustration and failure, huge money losses; getting bits and pieces of education that amounted to nothing, because it was impossible to connect any of the dots, I was about to throw in the towel and give it all up. What I am trying to say is that before I became affiliated with Global Team Business, I, too, would label most MLM opportunities a SCAM because of the deceit and misinformation I received from many “reliable” individuals. Unfortunately, the tarnished reputation we accept as truth comes from people who really do not know what they are talking about. Fortunately for me, I do not base decisions on what people say, and I diligently searched for and found a perfect opportunity. That’s right, I became acquainted with, and part of Global Team Business.

Global Team Business is an educationally fueled company and with the formation of The Cutting Edge Academy they have risen to the top! The lifetime education, and I stress “LIFE TIME” is applicable in any business. The education is broken down into 6 lifestyle modules and this alone gives a person the opportunity to find their passion, even if they are not quite sure of what they want. You must agree that this is absolutely brilliant! The modules are as follows:

Business Development

Personal Development

Financial Development

Health and Wellness

Network Development


As you can see they cover a broad spectrum. These are all usable, valuable educational tools to take us into the future. Mind you, this is not just for internet based businesses! Even your ordinary or extraordinary businesses on Main Street, USA advertise on the internet. Do you see where I’m going with this? This isn’t just about education but about the numerous possibilities you can use the education for. Even writing that brings a smile to my face; just close your eyes and dream of the possibilities. Can you see where you want to be? Just know it is never out of reach, and you can get wherever you want to be. Global Team Business is all about opportunity, it is a catalyst for whatever or where ever you want to go or be. This isn’t just about buying into a business on the internet but it’s about investing in your future and being able to generate an income simultaneously.

In my next article I will start to break down the lifestyle modules! You will get an inside peak at the value and opportunity you receive. Don’t forget about the live training webinars and conference calls! I’m sure you can tell by now that I can’t say enough about Global Team Business and what they have accomplished through their vision and desire to HELP people on a global scale. I am honored to be a part of this organization, and tip my hat to our founders and the entire administration team. I will end this article with one big THANK YOU!